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Bringing the natural beauty out of you

Make-up can do wonders; It is amazing how an average looking women can become elite models with the help of very skilled makeup artists. Bonton Salon can offer you a party make-up as well as Bridal make-up. If you want to feel like a million dollars at the party or on your big day then let our make-up artists help you by creating a natural, radiant look.

We can offer Semi-Permanent Make-up for Lips, Eyebrows or Eyeliner using the high quality products from world renowned company PUREBUE. Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon Manchester can offer you highly personalised service to meet all your requirements.

 Henna / Mehndi Price on Consultation
 Hair & Make-Up Price on Consultation
 Bridesmaids & Relatives Price on Consultation


 Hair & Make-Up Price on Consultation
 Eyes makeup Price on Consultation






Note: Prices are starting from and can vary.

 Semi Permanent makeup is now an established beauty  procedure, in which carefully applied permanent pigments,  made of pure, inorganic minerals, are placed in the dermal  layer of the skin. It is hypo-allergenic, and there are no  fragrances, emollients or other ingredients added. Your  preferred colour is implanted into a lower layer of the skin,  where it remains for up to 5 years.

 A virtually limitless  choice of colours is available. The  make-up is perfectly safe and has been approved by  doctors and favourably reviewed by many respected  beauty writers.

 Some of Semi Permanent make-up treatments:

 - Eyebrows
 - Top Eyeliner
 - Lower Eyeliner
 - Eyelash Enhancement
 - Lipliner
 - Lip Blush
 - Lip Extensions
 - Full Lip Colour
 - Beauty Spot/freckles
 - Areola darkening/repigmenting and scar camouflage
 - Areola Creation after cancer
 - Scars and Burns revision and camouflage

 We offer through the art of semi-permanent make-up, the  confidence of feeling and looking naturally beautiful all the  time. Please call us for more information (07901 554 473).



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