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  Beauty Therapy

Bringing the natural beauty out of you

At Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon, we specialize in treatments including hair removal, skin care, eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Our beauty therapists have under gone special training for treatments such as laser hair removal. Let Bonton Salon bring the natural beauty out of you.

At Bonton Salon we use the world renowned and only the best products, such as IPL Treatment (by Ellipse), Peeling's Line (by Mescoestetic), Nano Cell Masks (by Wellness) and The Secrets of Beauty (by Janssen).

 General Facial   £25 - £35
 Face Brightening Facials   £30 - £35
 Skin Polishing (Face & Neck)   £12 - £18
 Full Body Polish   £35 - £45


 Threading Full Face (Excluding eye brow)   £9.50
 Chin and Upper Lip   £4.50
 Eyebrow Trim   £4.50
 Eyebrow Reshape   £5.50
 Eyebrow Tint   3.50


 PEELING'S LINE (by Mescoestetic)

 Mescoestetic presents a new peeling line only for  professional use. 4 different acids with different  graduations. The choice depends on the nature and  intensity of the lesions to be treated and the particular  characteristics of each patient.

 - Lactic acid
 - Mandelic acid
 - Salicylic acid
 - Glycolic acid

 Now available at Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon, please call us  for more info or to book and appointment (07901 554 473).


 NANO CELL MASKS (by Wellness)

 Wellness introduce the latest Nano Technology to be  applied to skincare. The masks are able to absorb an  enormous amount of the active principle and hold it next to  the surface of your skin, staying cool and hydrated for  prolonged application allowing the active ingredients to  penetrate and work deeply for maximum results. Use the  Nano Mask to suit you, choose from whitening, hydrating,  anti-aging, anti-wrinkle & Lifting.

 Nano Cell Masks are made from bio synthesised nano  fibers, they have been formulated using the most advanced  nano/bio technologies.

 Cost effective results driven solutions to soothe, repair and  improve all skin types and conditions.

 The latest generation of face mask, designed and created  to Restructure the skin hydrolipidic film, Increase and  retain hydration of the skin and introduce active cosmetic  principles into the skin.

 Please call us for more information (07901 554 473).



 Infra-red laser Bipolar radio frequency and Mechanical  roller vacuum suction. Clinically proven and now available  at Bonton Salon.

 Facial Treatments:

 - Facial contouring
 - Instant lifting and tightening results
 - Reduce fine lines and wrinkles with long lasting results
 - Tightens collagen
 - Lifts and tightens the lower face and jawline

 Body Treatments:

 - Body reshaping and contouring
 - Instant inch loss
 - Banishes cellulite and improves circulation
 - Targets stubborn fatty deposits
 - Reduces stretch marks

 Please call us for more information (07901 554 473).


 The FirmSlim - Lipo System 

 Body Treatments

 - Lipolysis (fat cell reduction)
 - Reshaping and contouring
 - Instant inch-loss
 - Increases lymphatic drainage
  - Lifts, firms and tightens loose skin
  - Reduction of stretch marks & acne!

 A lot more services available, click on the link below to see
 the full program.



Note: Prices are starting from and can vary.

 Eye Lash Tint   £8.00
 Eye Brow Tint   £3.50
 Lash and Brow Tint   £10.00
 Eye Lash Perm   £15.00


 Full Leg & Arm Wax   £24.00
 Full Leg Wax   £16.00
 Full Leg & Bikini   £20.00
 Full Arm Wax   £10.00
 1/2 Leg Wax   £12.00
 Bikini Line Wax   £8.00
 Under Arm Wax   £8.00
 Lip Wax   £4.00
 Chin Wax   £5.00
 Eyebrow Wax   £5.00
 Brazilian Wax   £15 - £35


 IPL TREATMENT (by Ellipse)

 IPL is a permanent hair reduction system using intense  pulse light to remove up to 80% of unwanted hair. IPL  successfully treats a wide range of skin types, hair colours  and textures from all parts of the body. IPL treatment is  fast, gentle, safe and clinically proven.

 Now available at  Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon, please call  us for more info or  to book and appointment (07901 554  473).



 Cosmelan / Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment is now  available at Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon.

 Blemishes of melanic origin are a frequent skin beauty  problem. Pigmentation or skin discolorations are caused by  many factors including sun exposure, aging, hormonal  fluctuations such as pregnancy or menopause and trauma  to the skin such as acne. Successfully treating these  indications is possible, lightening the visible discolorations  and inhibiting the cycle which causes pigment to surface  later can be achieved with Dermamelan Depigmentation  Treatment.

 The Dermamelan Depigmentation Treatment consists of  two phases. It is imperative that both be used according to  the directions of use to achieve successful results.

 Phase 1 - For professional use only. Dermamelan Mask is  applied at Bonton salon and left on the skin for a period of  time which is determined by the physician according to skin  colour and type. The mask is removed with mesoestetic  Hydra Milk Cleanser and followed by the application of  Hydravital Factor K Cream.

 Phase 2 - At home maintenance After the application of  the Cosmelan Mask at Bonton Salon, the mesoestetic  Dermamelan 2 maintenance cream is applied daily  according to the recommended protocol of the physician.  The treatment should be rigorously complemented with  daily use of mesoestetic Complete Moisturizing Sun Block  and Hydra Vital Factor K Cream. The objective of this  highly effective maintenance cream is to ensure the  continued depigmentation of skin discolorations.

 Please call us for more information (07901 554 473).


 The Secrets of Beauty by Janssen, Cosmeceutical Care is  now available at Bonton Hair & Beauty Salon. Janssen  offers a natural and healthy effect for customers who place  responsibility, sustainability and environmental awareness  in high regard.

 The facial and body care products primarily consist of  plant-based contents from controlled ecological cultivation.  Particular attention is paid to sustainability and fair trade  when procuring the raw materials and the packaging. All  care products are tested by the independent control  institution NaTrue and are identified with the internationally  recognized natural product series quality seal.

 Please call us for more information (07901 554 473).


 Just Gel Polish (by ibd - the Nail People) 

 Just for you

 - Just perfect for chip-free, high-gloss colours
 - One System. Many Advantages.




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